Terms & Conditions

General Rental Terms
  • A rental day is up to (or part of) 24 hours from pick-up time. A delay of up to one hour when returning the car will not incur an additional charge. A charge for an additional rental day as well as all associated coverages will apply if the car is returned more than one hour later than the return time specified on the rental agreement.
  • Your reservation for a car group, not a specific car model, has been approved.
  • Minimum Age Requirements:
    • Groups A,B : Age 21 (Additional fees will apply for young drivers aged 21-23).
    • Groups C,D : Age 23.
    • Groups E,F,I,J,M : Age 25.
    • Groups G,H : Age 28.
  • Only the person whose name appears on the rental agreement is authorized to drive the rented car. Any additional person wishing to make use of the rented car by the renter's request must be first approved by Avis and meet the necessary eligibility requirements.
  • VAT: 17%. Will apply on all components of the rental,In accordance to law, incl. the additional charges as listed herein below. VAT doesn't apply on tourists entering Israel with a foreign passport stamped with a B2, B3 or B4 Visa. The exemption from VAT does not apply to Israeli citizens with dual nationality or long-term visitors.
  • Valid Driving License: for a minimum period of two years, and must be presented at time of car pickup.
  • Credit Card: the renter must present a credit card bearing his/her own name. The card must have embossed digits with a suitable credit limit which will be determined during the rental procedure.
  • One way rental to or from Eilat: minimum charge of 3 days rental.
  • Cancellations: rental reservations may be cancelled no later than 24 hrs prior to requested rental time. If reservation is cancelled less than 24 hrs prior to requested rental time or is not cancelled at all – the renter's credit card will be debited with the sum of $12 with the addition of VAT for car groups A-F. All other car groups will be debited with the sum of $21 with the addition of VAT.
  • Exiting the borders of the country or entering the Palestinian Authority's territory is forbidden.
  • Please note: whilst receiving the car, we keep the privilege to confirm you have suitable credit coverage to ensure payment in the event of damages and/or theft to the car. To prevent any misunderstandings, we stress that full responsibility regarding credit coverage is totally upon the renter.
Additional Charges
  • Gasoline: we suggest returning the car with a full tank, otherwise a refueling service fee equal to 30% of the official fuel station charge (not self-serviced) will apply additionally to the fuel cost. Please inquire in advance about the type of fuel needed by the rented car (gasoline, diesel, unleaded etc.). Fueling with a wrong kind of fuel may cause severe damage to the engine of the rented car and will result in a charge for the damages.
  • Delivery/Collection – an additional charge will apply in case of delivery or collection of the car to/from the renter – subject to destination. To confirm, the renter must contact the relevant station
  • Non-Waivable Excess: charge of ranging sums according to car group. Any case of undercarriage damage or damage to tires is not covered and renter will be required to pay for the damage and reimburse Avis for all losses related to it. This excludes cases when the damage was caused due to an accident not resulted from breaching the contract by the renter. Additionally, cases of theft caused by renter's negligence are not covered by any coverage.
  • Baby Seat: $4 per day.
  • Additional Driver: $3 per day.
  • Young Driver: $7 per day.
  • Airport Handling Fee: $27 per rental starting or ending at Ben-Gurion Airport.
  • Avis will charge a handling fee of $14 for every traffic/parking report, not withstanding the renter's liability for full payment of any fine/report by any authority.
  • In any case of toll road use, Avis will charge a handling fee of $4 for every toll road invoice additionally to the price charged by the toll road authority.
  • iPad rentals $16 per day. The iPad will be waiting for you at the car pickup location. The iPad rentals are operated by an external supplier, including payment. More details will be supplied by the Avis staff at the pickup location.
  • All additional charges mentioned above, does not include VAT and their final price will be determined according to the actual rental period.
  • CDW: Collision Damage Waiver in case of accident or vandalism. In any case non-waivable excess will apply.
  • Super CDW: will revoke the responsibility for damage in case of accident or vandalism. Charge of $8 - $14 per day, according to car group.
  • TP: Theft Protection. In any case non-waivable excess will apply.
  • Super TP: will revoke the responsibility in case of car theft or damage. Charge of $4 - $10 per day according to car group.
  • LI: Third Party Liability charged at $13 - $38 per day. Only for renters who choose not to purchase the CDW and TP coverage Avis offers and rely on the coverage offered by their credit card company. It is the responsibility of the renter to notify the credit card company and verify its terms and conditions of coverage. Please arrive to rental station with a certificate about your coverage from your credit card company.
  • PAI: Personal Accident Insurance. $3 per day.
  • All mentioned coverages will apply in accordance to rental agreement terms.
When renting with Avis you earn points / miles in your frequent flyer account!